Turbosonic & Tanning

Airbrush Tanning


Face Vita Liberate Luxury Organic Tan $25
Full Body Vita Liberate Luxury Organic Tan $55


Turbosonic® Vibrational Therapy Machine

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Signature is a registered Turbosonic Dealer.
If you would like to own one for your home, please contact us.
Prices are: $9,500 for the in home machine and $16,000 for the Professional Machine.

Turbosonic Treatments
10 or 20 minutes
$18 / $28
Oxygen Therapy
10 to 20 minutes
Unlimited Usage: (monthly) $100 per month
Unlimited Usage: (yearly) $720/year (paid in full) You save: $300.00

(831) 626-1998

Cancellations must be 48 hours prior to appointment. Gratuity added for parties of 3 or more.
Suggested gratuity is 20% on all treatments.