Green Tea and Crushed Rice Body Glow
50 to 60 minutes
Thai inspired scrub leaving skin soft and silky $95
Bamboo Black Sesame Body Rub
50 to 60 minutes
Crushed Adzuki Beans, Shiitake Mushroom, and Organic Oils leaving a more radiant complexion $95
Passionfruit Guava Body Rub
50 to 60 minutes
Macadamia Nut and Passion Fruit Oils mingle to shed dead skin cells $95
Exotic Date & Wild Honey Buff
50 to 60 minutes
Turkish Coffee, real Vanilla Beans, with Moroccan Lava Clay focus on rough, dry skin $95
Balinese Body Polish (cellulite)
50 to 60 minutes
Cell detoxifier with aromatic blend of organic Ethiopian and Indonesian Beans $105
Hot Guava & Coconut Milk Body Cocoon
80 minutes
Formulated from the Amazonian with Acai, Macadamia Nut, and Passion Fruit Oils for silky skin $160
Ginger Wasabi Body Detox (circulation)
80 minutes
Crushed fresh water Pearls and pure Ginger stimulate circulation $160
Detoxifying Thai Body Wrap (80 min.)
80 minutes
A fusion of tropical flowers macerated in fresh Coconut Oil, along with Lemon Grass and Pure Cane Sugar $160
Moroccan Incense Body Ritual
80 minutes
Spicy treatment with Sandalwood, Vanilla, Fig Extracts, and Almond Oils $160
Papaya Back Cleansing
50 to 60 minutes
A relaxing facial for your back $95
Detox Ionizer Foot Detox
50 to 60 minutes
Safe external method of detoxification $95
Himalayan Foot Soak =Antibacterial and Antifungal properties which treat toe conditions $45
Sun Glow Tanning Treatment
50 minutes
No-streaking, no odor, number one tanning product on the market, hand applied by a therapist $85
Ear Candling for physical relief Cylindrical cones with a filter built to relieve conditions affecting the head or ear area $85


Wraps & Detox



Herbal Body Wrap & Detox – 80 minutes A soothing body wrap that contours and cleanses your body while reducing inches! Our all natural Regeneration Herbal Body Wrap formula is a scientifically balanced blend of 23 herbs and minerals substantially enhanced with sea vegetation. It is designed to cleanse the body of toxins while reducing inches and firming the skin. The average inch loss with your first wrap can be between 2 and 12 inches! $160
Peppermint Body Wrap
50 minutes
A refreshing body wrap that improves your bodies circulation and stimulates blood flow $110
50 minutes / 80 minutes
$99 / $139
Peppermint Foot Soak
30 / 60 Minutes
Soak your feet in a refreshing foot bath followed by a relaxing foot massage plus reflexology $55 / $80

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Cancellations must be 48 hours prior to appointment. Gratuity added for parties of 3 or more.
Suggested gratuity is 20% on all treatments.